Blue Shell Gaming & Collectibles

From Our Family to Yours

Founded in March 2014 on Blackstone and McKinley in Fresno CA and originally named Pickers Paradise, Blue Shell Gaming & Collectibles has grown into the valley's premiere place to buy/sell/trade video games, accessories, and collectible items in three locations (Clovis, CA & two in Fresno, CA). The valley's largest selection of video games and related collectibles, Blue Shell Gaming offers full console repairs as well as disc resurfacing and cartridge cleaning. Blue Shell Gaming is fast becoming THE place to buy video games and more!

Our team is made up of a family of friends that have one passion in common... gaming! We love to bring back the "retro" items for new generations of gamers to enjoy while still carrying "new-gen" gaming for both casual and dedicated gamers. We provide a safe and family-friendly environment for gamers and collectors of all ages to feel comfortable amongĀ a community of fellow gamers. Whether you're on the hunt for the gems or you want to smash it up with friends over the weekend, there is always something new at Blue Shell Gaming!

Meet the Team!

Owners: Rick, Alex G, Kevin, Jennifer

Managers: Amanda, Kiara

Store Leads: Alex A, Devon, Jose G, Kelsey

Sales Associates: Alex V, Alexa, Hentsa, Jacey, Memo, Nick, Phil, Wesley, Xach

Techs: James, Josh

Online Sales: Aaron, David